For the construction and operation phase, the Kunsthaus Göttingen team consists of Founding Director Gerhard Steidl, Founding Managing Director Alfons von Uslar, Manager Dorle Meyer and Curator Ute Eskildsen. Furthermore, Guest Curator Joshua Chuang, Press Officer Nathalie Boes, Education Officer Florian Winkler and Technician Bartek Berbeka are all part of the team.

Gerhard Steidl, Founding Director

In addition to operating his publishing house Steidl, Gerhard Steidl supports all aspects of the Kunsthaus project. As early as 1969, he printed posters and multiples for artists such as Joseph Beuys and Klaus Staeck, and today publishes selected art and photography books, literature and political non-fiction. In addition to making books, Steidl designs and curates exhibitions worldwide.

Alfons von Uslar, Founding Managing Director

Alfons von Uslar voluntarily guides the project as its Founding Managing Director. The trained agronomist and qualified lawyer returned to his hometown of Göttingen after several years overseas, to run the family business. He has in-depth knowledge of business processes and legal requests combined with a great interest in art and culture.

Dorle Meyer, General Manager

Dorle Meyer, who has a doctorate in art history, is the Manager and Authorized Signatory of the Kunsthaus. Alongside her research and teaching of contemporary art, she has worked for many years in museums supporting the establishment of new exhibition projects. Before returning to Göttingen to contribute to the development of the Kunsthaus, Meyer worked in Kassel and Berlin, as well as at Munich’s Deutsches Museum as a project manager and curator for the expansion of its museum network.

Ute Eskildsen, Curator

Ute Eskildsen is the Founding Curator of Kunsthaus Göttingen. She advises the City of Göttingen on construction planning and is significantly involved in the orientation of the art institution’s program. Eskildsen was Deputy Director of Folkwang Museum in Essen, where she initiated and managed the department of photography. The photography exhibitions she curated at Folkwang Museum are renowned beyond the borders of Germany.

Joshua Chuang, Guest Curator

Joshua Chuang is a Guest Curator of Kunsthaus Göttingen. As the first curator of Yale University Art Gallery, he established the photography section and worked there as its Chief Curator. Today he is Miriam & Ira D. Wallach Associate Director for Art, Prints and Photographs and the Robert B. Menschel Senior Curator of Photography at the New York Public Library, alongside his teaching at Yale University School of Art.

Nathalie Boes, Press and Communications Officer

Nathalie Boes is responsible for the Public Relations and Marketing department. The graduate archaeologist brings with her the necessary versatility, a result of her experience in the cultural sector. During her work in museums, she supported various exhibition projects and developed concepts for PR and barrier-free media. She is involved in both public and online outreach, and coordinates the marketing campaign for the opening of the Kunsthaus.

Florian Winkler, Education Officer

Florian Winkler manages the Education and Communications department. After studying sociology and political sciences with a focus on cultural sociology in the documenta city of Kassel, he worked in the museum education sector at the Museumslandschaft Hessen Kassel. His knowledge of diversity-orientated projects and creative activities, as well as additional experiences gathered through his commitment to child and youth welfare with various organizations, actively contributes to his work at Kunsthaus Göttingen.

Bartek Berbeka, Technician

Bartek Berbeka supports the Kunsthaus team with his know-how in the fields of building and event maintenance. Following his apprenticeship, he quickly moved into the culture and event industry, in which he has worked freelance for many years in the sphere of event planning and organization. He owes his professional orientation to his great passion for music and audio technology, which he voluntarily passes on in workshops and a radio show in Göttingen.