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Photo: © Atelier ST


Apart from the exhibition of international art, the Kunsthaus Göttingen sees itself as a place for education, mediation, and interaction with art.«

Gerhard Steidl, Founding Director

The Kunsthaus Göttingen

The three floors of the Kunsthaus Göttingen will show photography and video, drawing and printing, as well as book and poster art. This explicitly includes graphics as applied art. Primarily the Kunsthaus Göttingen emphasizes contemporary art and living artists.

The curators intend that they are in close contact with the artists during the selection of the works and the conception of the exhibitions. Each year four exhibitions are planned, which include extensive solo exhibitions. Also, up to two group exhibitions spread across both floors of the building will be presented.

For the operation of the Kunsthaus Göttingen, the city wants to found a limited company. This legal form has the advantage that tax-effective certificates can be issued for all donations.

Founding Directors

The Kunsthaus Göttingen team consists of the founding director Gerhard Steidl, the curator Ute Eskildsen as well as the founding managing director Alfons von Uslar and the guest curator Joshua Chuang for the construction phase and the operation in the first years.

Gerhard Steidl, Founding Director

Gerhard Steidl, who runs the internationally renowned Steidl Verlag near the Kunsthaus Göttingen, is the founding director of the project. The close collaboration with international artists in the publishing house should also benefit the Kunsthaus and initiate synergies.

Ute Eskildsen, Curator

Ute Eskildsen, the curator, is also involved in the construction of the Kunsthaus and makes use of her years of experience in the planning of the upcoming exhibitions. The experienced curator has been responsible for the photographic department of the Folkwang Museum since 1978 and also served as deputy director since 1991.

Alfons von Uslar, Founding Managing Director

Alfons von Uslar supports the Kunsthaus Göttingen as honorary founding managing director. He is a trained agronomist and has a law degree (Dipl.Jur.).  After working abroad and in Frankfurt am Main, he returned to his hometown of Göttingen to run the family business. As Alfons von Uslar has always been engaged in the arts, he is happy to accompany this project during its start-up phase.

Joshua Chuang, Guest Curator

Joshua Chuang was the first curator to establish photography in the Yale University Art Gallery, where he served as chief curator. He works as director of the Wallach Division of Art, Prints & Photographs, and curator of photography at the New York Public Library.

The idea and architectural competition

The idea for the Kunsthaus Göttingen was born out of the vision of giving visual art more space and presence in the city of Göttingen. The building is currently being completed on the property Düstere Straße 7, next to the Günther Grass Archive. The publisher Gerhard Steidl and the mayor Wolfgang Meyer already presented the idea of a Kunstquartier with the Kunsthaus Göttingen as its center in 2005.

In a competition in 2016, the architectural studio Atelier ST won the project to construct and plan the Kunsthaus Göttingen. The kick-off was the laying of the foundation stone in November 2018, and the Kunsthaus Göttingen is expected to open in Fall 2020. The roofing ceremony is scheduled for September 2019.

Sebastian and Silvia Thaut, Atelier ST

Foto: © Atelier ST

Kunstquartier Göttingen

The Kunsthaus Göttingen is the center of the Kunstquartier in the southern part of Göttingen’s Old Town. The district between Düstere Straße, Nikolaikirchhof, Nikolaistraße, and Turmstraße is already a center of attraction for the creative and cultural industries. At the same time, the Kunsthaus promises to be an inspiration as well as a firm anchorage of contemporary art and applied arts in the district.

A courtyard between Düstere Straße and Nikolaistraße interlocks the various urban planning projects and combines the individual parts into a complete picture.

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