Exhibitions 2020 2021

Photo: © David Goldblatt

Locally anchored and internationally relevant – this central aspect of the Kunsthaus Göttingen is also reflected in its exhibition program. The proximity to the Steidl publishing house and its numerous connections to artists and graphic artists create a mutual exchange. Thus works of global rank in contemporary art on paper, photography, or video will be primarily exhibited. Some exhibitions will refer to the surrounding buildings in the KuQua and Göttingen. In addition to the Steidl Verlag, the Günther-Grass archives also include the lithographs, etchings, and drawings of the sketcher and graphic artist, as well as bookbinders, galleries and cultural institutions in the Düsterer Strasse and surroundings as well as projects of the University of Göttingen.

From the opening of the Kunsthaus Göttingen in Fall 2020, photography and video, drawing and printing, as well as book and poster art will be presented in three large exhibition rooms as part of changing exhibitions. Furthermore, two group exhibitions are curated annually throughout the entire building.

Particular emphasis is placed on the art education program. In addition to this comprehensive program, there is also a function space at the top of the house, which will be used for lectures, seminars, special events, and openings.

The exhibition program will be announced in September 2019.