Vision Kunsthaus Göttingen

Photo: © Jim Dine

A new gallery for contemporary art, the Kunsthaus Göttingen, is under construction in the heart of the medieval city. This internationally oriented institution will give contemporary art a permanent spot locally in Göttingen as well as nationally. It complements the art landscape between Hannover and Wolfsburg with its numerous museums and Kassel, the home of the Documenta. 

The vision for the Kunsthaus Göttingen goes beyond the creation of an exhibition space for art; the Kunsthaus Göttingen will represent an active part of public life. The democratization of the spaces and the associated active role of the visitor are at the forefront of the curatorial efforts. According to Joseph Beuys, who described art as the riddle and the human being as the solution, visitors will be an integral part of the exhibitions.


The goal is an ideal architectural space for an art experience which is accompanied by the exploration of different artistic positions and forms of art. The Kunsthaus will be a living place that awakens curiosity, shows and conveys visual works and creates a pleasant atmosphere for visitors. We are ambitious, also in cooperation with local institutions, to convey our projects to the public and to develop supraregional presence and cooperation.«

Ute Eskildsen, Curator Kunsthaus Göttingen

The Kunsthaus Göttingen is a kind of counterpoint to a hectic world, in which the interaction with the artworks offers possibilities for aesthetic experiences and individual as well as mutual enjoyment of art.

In the spirit of the American sociologist Eric Klinenberg, the public institution will be perceived as the foundation of civil society – even in times of atomization and inequality.


It is public institutions that serve as the basis of civil society even in times of atomization and inequality […]. These are the kinds of places where public, private and philanthropic sectors can work together to achieve something higher than the lowest common denominator. «

Eric Klinenberg, Author „Palaces for the people“

 At the same time, it is essential to cooperate with the exhibited artists and offer them space for their work at the Kunsthaus Göttingen. As participants and mediators of their work, they can turn the exhibitions into a place of creative exchange. In keeping with the “relational aesthetics” of Nicolas Bourriaud, the artists can conceive spaces with their concepts and ideas, promote dialogue and make a counterpoint to the outside world.

 A particular concern of the Kunsthaus Göttingen shall be the educational aspect, especially for young visitors. For school classes, but also students, special programs and offers have been developed, which mediate the concepts and exhibitions.

Exploring and mediating the exhibitions creates shared experiences that open up a variety of perspectives and broaden horizons. It is a declared goal of the Kunsthaus Göttingen to establish the basis and space for this development in Göttingen.