#kunsthausnextdoor: Photographer Mitch Epstein

Not only on the construction site at Düstere Straße 7 exciting things happen. In the neighborhood there are every day encounters with creative people, artists and art lovers.

In the series #kunsthausnextdoor we present people who live or are visiting the Kunsthaus. This can be photographers from all over the world who see the quarter and the city from their very special perspective or residents who express their wishes and thoughts regarding the Kunsthaus.

In this article, we show photographs by Mitch Epstein personal view of Düstere Straße and the alleys surrounding the Kunsthaus.

Mitch Epstein | Foto: Aaron Bircher

A pioneer of 1970s color photography, Mitch Epstein has photographed for half a century how we engage with our landscape. Epstein has won numerous awards including the Prix Pictet, the Berlin Prize and a Guggenheim Fellowship. His work is held in collections including the Museum of Modern Art and Tate Modern.