Works on paper and new media allow for high-quality exhibitions on a relatively small budget. The exhibition concepts question and convey artistic concepts. Close cooperation with the artists is critical, and this concept grants them freedom for exhibitions, collaboration, and new productions.

»Ideal architectural spaces are emerging for an art experience - the Kunsthaus Göttingen intends to be a place of discussion on different artistic positions and art forms. It will be a lively place that arouses curiosity, where visual work is exhibited and conveyed - and where visitors like to linger. We will be ambitious, also in partnership with local institutions, to convey our projects to the public and to develop national charisma and collaboration.«

– Ute Eskildsen,

Curator Kunsthaus Göttingen

The Kunsthaus Göttingen will become a place with an international focus but is firmly rooted in the region. The Kunsthaus thus perfectly integrates itself into the university city and center for research Göttingen and complements the cultural landscape of the city with current trends in contemporary art. Cooperations with the Georg Augusta University of Göttingen and other institutions are vital components of the exhibition program.

The Kunsthaus rounds off the overall picture of Göttingen as a culturally diverse, cosmopolitan, regionally well anchored, as well as an internationally oriented city.