Surprise! At the press conference on 28.3. it became official:

In the summer of 2022, the Kunsthaus Göttingen will present an exciting exhibition concept entitled “printing futures” which will be shown as a partner project parallel to the documenta from June 18 to September 25.

The Kunsthaus Göttingen invites artists who examinate paper as an artistic medium in their work. The link for the partnership on documenta fifteen’s side is lumbung Press – a collective project of lumbung members and artists for flexible and process-oriented production of their print products on site in Kassel. Within the framework of printing futures and lumbung Press, documenta fifteen and Kunsthaus Göttingen realize joint events, publications and residencies.

As a cooperation partner and direct neighbor in the Kunstquartier (Art Quarter), the Literaturhaus Göttingen will be involved in the exhibition.

Artists & projects

Artists – Göttingen

Shahidul Alam / Bangladesh

Alper Aydin / Turkey

Theseus Chan / Singapore

Christoph Heubner / Germany

Sibel Horada / Turkey

Sofia Karim / UK

Maya Mercer / USA

Albert Ostermaier / Germany

Dayanita Singh / India

Necmi Sönmez / Turkey

Artist-in-Residence-project – Göttingen

Nino Bulling / Samandal Collective / Germany, Lebanon

Guest of honour – Göttingen

Jim Dine / USA

Publishing projects – Kassel / Göttingen

La Intermundial Holobiente / Argentinia

Wajukuu Art Project / Kenya

Britto Arts Trust / Bangladesh

Gerhard Steidl / Germany

and more

The partner project “printing futures” is funded by:

EAM, Freigeist Hotel, Gelsenwasser Stiftung, Hogrefe Publishing Group, Landkreis Göttingen, Stadt und Städtische Gesellschaften, private donors

Press conference on March 28th (left to right) – Alfons von Uslar and Dr. Dorle Meyer (Mananging directors Kunsthaus Göttingen gGmbH), Johannes-Peter Herberhold (Göttinger Literaturherbst), Dr. Anja Johannsen (Literarisches Zentrum Göttingen), Petra Broistedt (Mayor of Göttingen), Dr. Sabine Schormann (General director documenta and Fridericianum gGmbH), Gerhard Steidl (Founding director Kunsthaus Göttingen)

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