June 17 – September 17, 2023

Jim Dine. Storm of Memory

Sculptures, Drawings, Prints,
Books & Poetry

Jim Dine…

…is considered one of the most important representatives of contemporary American art. Dine has been assigned to Pop Art, Neo-Dada, Abstract Expressionism, but he himself has always eluded such classifications. In Dine’s unparalleled career of over 60 years, he has achieved mastery in many artistic fields: printmaking, photography, drawing, painting, sculpture, prose and poetry, performance and – another particularly important medium for Jim Dine – the book.

Just in time for the artist’s 88th birthday on 16 June, the Kunsthaus Göttingen presents “Jim Dine. Storm of Memory – Sculptures, Drawings, Prints, Books & Poetry”, the Kunsthaus Göttingen is presenting a wide-ranging exhibition of recent works for the first time in Europe.

The artist Jim Dine standing between his statues of “Elysian Fields”


On display will be the recent sculpture series “Elysian Fields”: bronzes created in Dine’s studio at the Kunstgießerei in Sankt Gallen. The drawings of the “Secret Drawings” will be on show, new prints – hardly any other artist has “explored the many possibilities of graphic media in their range so completely and ambitiously” (Marco Livingston) like Dine -, the new cycle of poems “With Fragile Spirit” (recited by Jim Dine himself), and of course books.

The selection of works focuses on Dine’s ongoing engagement with existential personal as well as socio-political themes and shows how extremely vigilant the artist is in observing his present and reflecting on the human condition in his artistic works in a critical and poetic way.

@House of Words

Jim Dine has been closely connected to the city of Göttingen for many years. For twenty years, he has worked many weeks a year in a studio in the immediate vicinity of the Kunsthaus.

He has also donated his room-sized installation “Poet Singing (The Flowering Sheets)” to the city, which can be seen in the inner courtyard of the Kunsthaus in the “House of Words”.

As part of the exhibition, this pavilion will be accessible on Saturdays & Sundays from 11am-6pm. Jim Dine has been working with the neighbouring printer and publisher Gerhard Steidl for decades. Dine a longstanding cooperation and friendship. The exhibition at the Kunsthaus is curated by Gerhard Steidl.

Also from June 17 – September 17

@Günter Grass Archive

Jim Dine/
Theseus Chan. Broken Poems

Writings & Drawings

Parallel to the exhibition in the Kunsthaus, a joint work by Jim Dine and the artist Theseus Chan, Singapore, is being shown in the Günter Grass Archive in Göttingen, Düstere Straße 6. Both process letters, words and texts in a spatial installation into a walk-in book.

Further news

Last Thursday evening, before the opening, we had a sneak peek at the exhibition with the artist Neven Allgeier. Find out how you can join us next time here!
The Kunsthaus has launched its new exhibition "Two heavens as one" with Neven Allgeier's photographs.
On the occasion of the 60th Biennale di Venezia, we are once again opening the doors of Jim Dine's House of Words in the courtyard of the Kunsthaus.
On Friday, May 3, 2024 at 6 pm the exhibition "Two heavens as one" by Neven Allgeier opens at the Kunsthaus!