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Educational offers and events at Kunsthaus Göttingen are aimed at a diverse audience and have visitors of all ages, needs and interests in mind. The formats make it possible to engage with and actively experience contemporary art in a variety of ways. The aim is to create an open space for individual interpretations and to foster encounters and creative exchange among participants. Together with in-house and freelance art educators, we offer a broad and, wherever possible, barrier-free programme for all visitors in parallel to each exhibition. This includes, among other things, exhibition tours and special formats, workshops for all age groups and special educational formats for schools. Regardless of prior knowledge, Kunsthaus Göttingen advocates a process of lifelong learning and aims to stimulate independent reflection on the contemporary art on display.


Our art educators will take you on an exciting tour through the exhibitions running at Kunsthaus Göttingen. Discover interesting and fascinating works of art on all three levels and discover more about details and surprising correlations hidden behind the exhibits. With ample scope for questions and individual interpretations, we engage you in discussion and together address various topics that inspired the artists in their creative process.

Guided tours of exhibition:

may, 2022

( registration required )
You are welcome to book private tours with us. Choose a duration of 30 minutes (40€), 60 minutes (80€) or 90 minutes (120€) for a group size of up to 20 people. For your booking request, please contact Education & Mediation.

Further offers

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