On the occasion of our participation in the 60th Biennale di Venezia with the exhibition Jim Dine – Dog on the Forge at Palazzo Rocca, we are once again opening the doors of Jim Dine’s House of Words – a pavilion in the courtyard of the Kunsthaus Göttingen.

For the opening of the Biennale on April 20, you can visit the site-specific installation by the US pop artist free of charge during our opening hours on the weekend of April 20/21.


The following dates offer another opportunity to see the pavilion and learn more about it from live speakers:

Fri, May 10 (open 14:00-18:00) > with live speaker /14:00-16:00, €3-5 (pay as you wish)

Sat., June 22 (open 14:00-18:00) > with live speaker /14:00-16:00, 3-5€ (pay as you wish)


Photo left: The House of Words in the inner courtyard of the Kunsthaus

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