Christoph Heubner (*1949 in Niederaula/Germany) is a writer, Executive Vice President of the International Auschwitz Committee and co-founder of the International Youth Meeting Centre in Oswiecim/Auschwitz. From his earliest youth, he was moved by two areas of tension: What do anti-Semitism, war and dictatorship do to people, how do victims live with their pain and their losses, their anger and their rage? Will life return to normal, at some point? What happens to the perpetrators? And, the bursting question in the disillusioned times of the already new war and the old-new hatred in Europe: Do we learn from history?

Together with the exhibition organiser and documentarian Michèle Déodat (* 1959 in Paris/France), Heubner gets to the bottom of these questions in conversations with survivors of Auschwitz and visits to the Auschwitz and Birkenau crime scenes. From pictures, memories, poems and portraits, the “Institute to remember” is created, which tells of the beginning and climax of anti-Semitic hatred. It moves between times, between perpetrators and victims, and opens up spaces for discussion so that anti-Semitism, racism, hatred against minorities and Islamophobia can be understood from the different histories of origin of those involved and can be expressed in their pain.

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ave you ever walked through an exhibition and reacted completely non-verbally to your surroundings? We will explore the exhibition space in silence and let the artist's works be heard without words!
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These multi-day vacation workshops invite after-school groups, groups of friends and individual children to spend the holiday in a completely different way: at the Kunsthaus! UPCOMING DATES: The number of participants is limited. We appreciate […]
Bringing the family to the Kunsthaus? Not a problem! One Saturday each month is dedicated to family time at Kunsthaus Göttingen. Young and old together embark upon a journey of discovery through the exhibition spaces […]
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Children big and small can celebrate their birthdays at Kunsthaus Göttingen. After a little discovery tour through the exhibition on a specific theme and with lots of little art-themed games, the birthday guests will then […]

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