Jun 18 – September 25, 2022

documenta fifteen-partner project / Kunsthaus Göttingen

Shahidul Alam / Alper Aydın / Theseus Chan / Jim Dine / Christoph Heubner / Sibel Horada / Sofia Karim / Maya Mercer / Albert Ostermaier / Dayanita Singh

In 2022, documenta will be in Göttingen for the first time! As a partner project of documenta fifteen, the Kunsthaus Göttingen presents ten international artists whose work deals with paper as an artistic medium under the title printing futures – art for tomorrow.

Theseus Chan’s “Werk” – every edition constist of different material

Paper is a material available everywhere, from rare art papers to simple everyday papers – printed or unprinted. White and full of potential, it can be used in many ways. For documenta fifteen, the Kunsthaus Göttingen will be transformed into a “House of Paper”, where works by participating artists on various types of paper will be exhibited and ways of using paper in the creation of artworks will be shown.

Samosa bags with political messages by Sofia Karim

Coming from Turkey, India, the USA, Bangladesh, Singapore, England, Lebanon and Germany, the artists present new works.

On the other hand, they also work on art projects directly on site at the Kunsthaus Göttingen and enter into dialogue with the visitors.

Photographer Dayanita Singh

In exchange with the documenta artists in Kassel at residencies, the exhibitions and interactions in Kassel and Göttingen, as well as and within the framework of the process-oriented Kassel project lumbung press, also result in books that are printed by Steidl Verlag in Göttingen. Not catalogues, but again art objects that form the memory of this documenta.


Steidl-WERK No. 30: Kunsthaus Göttingen

Theseus Chan – Singapore

The Song of the Earth

Alper Aydın – Turkey

YUBA – Ring of Fire

Maya Mercer / Albert Ostermaier – USA / Germany

Institute to Remember

Christoph Heubner / Michèle Déodat – Germany / France

Clearing Space in Still Water

Sibel Horada – Turkey

Talking to an Archive

Shahidul Alam – Bangladesh

Turbine Bagh, Inquilab!

Sofia Karim – UK

Book Building – Performing the Book

Dayanita Singh – India


steidl publishing – documenta fifteen / lumbung press

Publishing projects – Kassel / Göttingen

Steidl Publishing – documenta15 / lumbung press

La Intermundial Holobiente / Argentina

Wajukuu Art Project / Kenya

Britto Arts Trust / Bangladesh

Only a few houses away from the Kunsthaus Göttingen is the Steidl printing and publishing house, where all book production processes take place under one roof. Through the collaboration of Steidl, documenta fifteen and lumbung press – a printing press installed in the documenta hall/Kassel on which documenta artists test book and newspaper projects – Steidl will print, publish and distribute a new book worldwide for each artist in the printing futures project. Using offset printing and bookbinding as creative media, Steidl-documenta fifteen / lumbung press – in full view of the public – will transform the artists’ ideas into diverse book objects that form a tangible and lasting reminder of their contributions to documenta fifteen.

To illustrate the processes, Steidl will be offering a glimpse behind the scenes at a “Gläserne Druckerei” in August/ September.

You can find more information about Steidl Publishing at: steidl.de


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